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Studio Hana



 @ Inspiring icon by karl blossfeldt,  (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932 - age 67) was a German photographer, sculptor, teacher and artist who worked in Berlin, Germany.

天長地久。天地所以能長且久者, 以其不自生, 故能長生。

二十六年時光, 工作亦如同旅行般, 不同城市, 不同屬性的設計領域, 多元化的工作經驗及轉變,行蘊凝聚內在本質的思考 : 在新世紀旅程中, 以自然共生設計之名, 與幸福相遇。

Heven lasts long, and Earth abides.

What is the secret of their dueability ? Is it not because they do not live for themselves that they can live so long ? 


Since 1987, after 26 years, 316 projects , 5 countries and 18 cities I realized that all experiences just for to be a New Age Stylist as Daymaker today, One dedicated vision on Good Concept Brighten Live " well and cheerfully. - Hana Yu

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

十芳設計 Hana Design & Associates


以概念設計工作室形態根基在美麗的台灣,在美學經濟為主導的新概念商業開發及整體空間設計領域中,以獨立創意設計及專案顧問模式運作,來往於中國各大城市,香港,台北。過去主要十五年間(1994-2008),我與台灣及駐中國當地設計及工程團隊在當代空間及國際飯店規劃設計領域中共同努力漸次地發展屬於新世紀自由的時尚風格,包含新東方設計美學及原形概念的一再思考與探究。 近五年間(2009 -),怯除一切贅飾,我們更關心的是透過各項概念設計,發展及實踐,無論是在商業或私人領域,設計如何引領人們生活在自然和諧的生態中,提升愉悅的人性化生活體驗。除此之外,我們期待傳導的是共生設計的永續概念:透過共同的設計思考,引導人們主動覺察生活回歸自然,進而觸動人之於生活素養的感知能力。

As a floral conjuction, an Integrated Design Network

Hana Design @ Associates , a Taiwan-based concept - leading interior design and art direction Studio, specialising in living and artistic high-end commercial hospitality projects and cooperated with Assocaites primarily works for multinational and local companies of the Hospitality Industry across Taiwan and China. We are focused on providing the Highest standard service of the contemporary space and furnishing design with multi-art works on Living Residence, Restaurant & Hospitality, Retail, Creative Event & Art installation,especially absord in new concept development of New Age Living Hotel ( 25-hour Hotel )- with the oriental philosophies and future-focused aesthetics.


創藝設計串聯 @十芳計劃


歡迎有著同樣信念,不同領域的設計人(建築室內外空間,結構,景觀,傢俱,燈光,多媒體裝置,美術,花藝設計)及藝術工作者,加入我們的共生串聯,讓我們以異花授粉者的角色共同傳導美好的生態設計概念與實踐。同時,也歡迎相關科系學生見習,請您將您的個人或工作室作品基本資料(以Website/Blog orPdf格式)寄到十芳設計公共信箱,我們將會進一步與您或貴單位連繫。另外,我們正在徵求專業設計商務經紀人(設計行政特助),專案設計師及設計助理,對於十芳內外部合作的專案設計我們有一些明確的專業能力要求,請詳閱十芳徵才說明,有任何問題可直接與我們連繫與討論。


If you are a professional freelacer or team would like to submit an application, please send your resume, a letter of interest and samples of your work or a link of website  to the Studio via e-mail to studiohanadesign@gmail.comApplications are open to interior architects and  Design-related freelacers or teams includ Constucture, Landscape, Furnishing, Lighting, Floral , Art work and installation.


Internships are available for students in their final year of training who will receive a state-certified diploma. If you would like to submit an application, please send your resume, a letter of interast and sample projects to the Studio  via e-mail to     

Application are open to design and art -related  students , some basic softwares are required to design-related students.

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